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Leg Care Shoes For Women

Dark Grey
The Right Fix For Long & Painful Days
Due to continuous extensive requests and high demand, Dark Grey and White are now available in Larger Sizes.

Highly recommended for women suffering from Heel or Toe Pain.

Heel pain is an on-going concern for a lot of people in the United States today, and the type of footwear you opt for can have a significant impact on how you feel when you’re out of the house. Walking on painful heels can jeopardize your everyday life, making you uncomfortable at all times and resistant to having to do anything especially in the morning. Having encountered so many Heel Pain patients in NY, we decided to design these cute sneakers dedicated to them.

  • Thousands of Satisfied Customers... 


With These Sneakers

  • Happiness is Guaranteed ❤️
  • Secure your foot future.
  • Walking on the Stairs & Slopes will be an easy job.
  • Reduction in Knee & Heel Pain all naturally.
  • Get the most advanced grip.


When Podiatrist Appreciated Stunor Sneaker


There's a lot more...

  • Ultra Lightweight (You'll ever Imagine) 
  • Full-time shift? Wear them 10+ Hour 
  • Anti-Microbial & Breathable - Keeps your Feet Fresh and Healthy!
  • So adorable to suit every occasion.